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About Us

We are a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that uses legal expertise and digital tools to proactively manage, advise and deliver business solutions to reduce legal risk.

Welcome to rradar

Our vision is clear: Empower and educate businesses through smarter legal services.

We are a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that uses legal expertise and digital tools to proactively manage, advise and deliver business solutions to reduce legal risk. But we don’t just stop at legal excellence. 


We also specialise in the education and prevention of legal crises in the first place. Our people are focused on sharing difficult-to-access legal knowledge through innovative digital channels so clients can easily access the information faster and tackle commercial risks before they become costly legal problems.

Pioneering a new way

To do this, we have built a multidisciplinary team of solicitors, legal advisors, IT and in-house developers, design and media specialists whose combined strength makes us a powerful advocate and champion for businesses, helping them to navigate and evolve in an ever-changing environment of regulation, compliance and litigation risk.

We have over 180 full time team members and we are continually growing across key strategic office locations - Hull, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester and Glasgow. We fuse first-class legal advice and representation with the latest technology to deliver a preventative, education-led strategy that makes the law more accessible and affordable to our clients.

Knowledge Is Prevention

How we do it

Our people work with businesses to manage their legal risk and associated problems. We offer a technology driven, preventative educational strategy that makes the law more accessible and affordable, supporting people to run better businesses. 


rradar’s services can be broken down into three key areas:

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Legal Services

Our legal services teams provide professional legal representation and specialist advisory services.

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Digital Tools

The digital tools we create with our

in-house developers deliver our knowledge through dynamic technology platforms.

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Business Solutions

By offering innovative services beyond legal advice, rradar's business solutions deliver risk management and preventative business tools.

By combining professional legal expertise and technology to design and deliver services for businesses and the people within them, this allows our clients to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing environment of regulation, compliance and litigation risk.

Misson Statement

And that is 
what we do

We represent clients when they need us most.

We manage risk.

We pioneer new ways for clients to access our knowledge.

We help businesses navigate the law and regulation.

We support our clients across the UK, day in, day out.

We change things. 

Every day.

Founding Directors

How it all began...

Business Handshake

Ground breaking contracts and collaboration with partners in the insurance industry. Global launch of new products and services with AXA.

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rradar grows risk business, more staff, premises and creating a culture and defining a purpose. rradarstation was born.

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Building a team, first recruits, re-mortgage and life savings, overcoming adversity. Risk, sweat and determination.


rradar was established by Gary Gallen, one of the UK’s leading criminal and regulatory solicitors. Gary was convinced that there was a better way to deliver legal services than the traditional way.

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Acceleration of technology capability and capacity. Growth of rradarstation, development of rradargrace and rradarreport begins 

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Two new rradar offices are opened in Glasgow and Leeds. Growth in customer numbers and growth of business continues. Strength of purpose and culture driving the business. 


rradar grows at exponential rate, move into flagship Beacon office in Hull. Significant growth in staff numbers, creating teams, legal, education, insurance and technology. Multiple awards and joined LSE Elite Group.

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Leeds team move to The Platform, more recruitment, new services, contracts and increased customer growth. Building behaviours, habits and protecting the culture. All about people.


rradar continues to expand its service
offerings with two new products, whistlebox and rradarreport. A new office in Birmingham is opened, our fourth office in the UK.


2020 saw rradar's teams go fully agile during the pandemic, continuing to support clients through unprecedented times.


rradar continues to support clients, finding new ways to reach them remotely by further investing in webinars, e-learning and new technology platforms. Development of a new risk management tool begins.

Image by J. Kelly Brito
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Launch of rradarisk - the business risk analysis tool. rradar introduces a hybrid working model for its employees, reopening all offices to provide face to face support for clients. The Leicester office was opened.

Our Range

of Services

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