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Business Crime and Regulation

Support and representation for businesses when dealing with regulators and enforcement authorities.

Our specialist solicitors can support you across a wide variety of legal issues with comprehensive proactive advice from an early stage to help you minimise the risk of falling foul of the law as well as strategically advising you through regulatory and criminal investigations, providing complete support from beginning to end.

There are numerous occasions when company directors as well as organisations are brought before the criminal courts for their actions or failings. Sharing our extensive experience, we can provide advice and offer training sessions on the wrongdoings that can cause serious damage to a business.


It is vital that the processes are handled correctly, and you and your team are kept up to date on the various legal requirements relating to the prevention of bribery and corruption, money laundering, health and safety compliance and tax evasion to name but a few.

Our Proactive Services

  • Providing practical guidance and support on your legal responsibilities and regulatory requirements.

  • Drafting bespoke policies and procedures to ensure your business, its stakeholders and shareholders act in compliance with legal obligations.

  • Creation of - and training on - crisis management and incident response plans such as dawn raids.

  • Bespoke training sessions to up-skill your leadership teams and employees, delivered face to face or online, designed to address the issues and risks applicable to your business or the industry sector you operate in.

  • Consultancy briefings and guidance to key business decision makers on how to achieve and deliver high quality corporate governance to avoid prosecution and penalties for breaching business criminal law.

Regulatory Investigations

Should the worst happen and you, your business or your employees are  investigated for regulatory issues or criminal offences, our specialist business crime solicitors are ready to help.

Our specialist team is experienced in representing businesses, other organisations and individuals in all types of investigations and prosecutions, including cases brought by the Police, HM Revenue & Customs, the Health and Safety Executive, local authorities, the Environment Agency, the Care Quality Commission, Ofsted, Charity Commission, and DVSA.

If faced with going to court, our clients are fully represented, advised and well informed on procedures relating to the criminal courts, Coroners Courts and regulatory tribunals and inquiries.

24/7 Emergency Crisis Line

We can also provide a reassuring 24/7 crisis advice line for you and your business, for situations that need urgent legal advice to protect your position outside our normal office hours.  Typical situations for this service include representation and attendance during interviews under caution with the police, Health and Safety Executive investigations following a workplace incident or fatality, environmental breaches and serious road traffic incidents/motoring offences.

Speak to our Business Crime and Regulation Team

To discuss our services further, please talk to our team on 03300 414 996, or email

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Stephanie Thirlwell

Legal Director - Head of Insured Regulatory


Jeff Swales

Legal Manager - Business Crime and Regulation

Our Recognition

We pride ourselves in excellence customer service and are committed to providing the best possible legal representation and service. Read more about what our clients have to say about us.


P Cranshaw,  Batesons Farm

"I would like to thank rradar very much for all the brilliant help and support during a very difficult time. The advice, updates and guidance was excellent and greatly assisted with my case."


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