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Our Community

We are passionate about giving back to the community by supporting charities, community groups and local causes through a range of fundraising activities.

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Giving Back to Society

Our teams are passionate about supporting a range of charities, community groups, not for profit and social enterprises and, where possible, aim to help the local causes which are important to our staff and clients.

With such a wide number of worthy causes to support, we are proud that many of our rradar employees are passionate about giving back to society and take on their own independent initiatives.

Fundraising Activities

rradar’s charitable giving is focused on causes linked to our business priorities, the communities where we live and work, our business partners and employees.


Support ranges from cake donations to active fundraising campaigns and initiatives such as Viking FM Mission Christmas Cash for Kids, cake bake sales, TrekFest, Byte Night and other events.

We Are Proud to Sponsor...


Holderness Vikings

The Holderness Vikings are a Community Club in Keyingham, South Holderness. Run entirely by volunteers, their ambition is to provide inclusive Rugby League for children between the ages of 4 and 18.


We are a proud sponsor of the Holdeness Vikings Under 9's team for children in Year 4 of primary school.

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Kippax Athletic

Kippax Athletic has a tradition of developing junior football skills as well as a long history of fielding competitive teams that enjoy success and appreciate sportsmanship and the benefits of physical exercise and fitness.


At rradar, we’re big believers in forging links between ourselves and the community where we work. That is why we are a proud sponsor of the Kippax Athletic Under-14s football team.

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