Risk management consultancy service providing bespoke guidance and advice across a range of specialist areas related to your business.

Bespoke advice for businesses

Our specialist consultancy services offer bespoke advice and experience to businesses keen to ensure that they are operating legally and in compliance with the regulations relevant to their industry.

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Health and Safety Advice and Guidance

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Employment and Human Resources

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Environmental and Waste Management

Health and Safety Advice and Guidance

Running a business means ensuring that everyone on the premises – employees and members of the public – can go about their business safely and free from hazards. In some companies, that obligation is made considerably more difficult by the presence of heavy machinery, chemicals or the necessity for work to be carried out at height or in confined spaces. There are numerous regulations in place that have to be followed and failure to do so can cost companies greatly.


Not many employers have the expertise in-house to devise, implement and maintain health and safety policies and procedures, and outsourcing that job requires a degree of trust and expertise on the part of the third party.


We are a proven and trusted advisor to many businesses, and our health and safety experts have many years of experience between them, supported by lawyers who have handled safety cases of national significance.


From a site visit to check hazards through to a full-scale policy and procedure review with legally compliant documentation and recommendations, rradar can provide the service that employers need to keep them out of trouble with the law.

Employment and Human Resources

People are the life blood of any successful business but with people come issues on a wide and varied scale. It can be difficult for any employer to manage them all, let alone comply with the numerous laws and regulations that govern people on subjects from discrimination to dismissal. With many businesses evolving, the need for accessible and affordable HR & Employment guidance has never been higher.


rradar’s lawyers have extensive experience in complex employment cases, acting on behalf of companies in a variety of industry sectors, and they’re backed up by a team of expert advisors who answer telephone queries on a daily basis from employers in need of advice and guidance on how to handle difficult issues as they arise.


This combined resource gives rradar the ability to provide an all-round HR consultancy service that can run from a simple health check of company documents and policies to a wholesale review of the HR function and advice on how to avoid costly legal compliance issues.  

Environmental and Waste Management

In recent years, industry has seen a huge increase in the number and scope of laws and regulations designed to prevent pollution and protect the environment. Part of a global initiative, the legislative burden that has fallen on all companies to a degree is often difficult to understand and fines can be considerable.


It makes sense, therefore, to take advantage of expert advice and guidance from a trusted provider with a powerful and skilled team of legal professionals experienced in issues surrounding environmental legislation and waste management. rradar’s team is available to deliver consultancy services on a number of different levels – from telephone discussions, through document and policy review to full site visits which include hazard identification and remediation.


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