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Cyber AMI

Improve the cyber security practices in your business with our Cyber Essentials compliant web-based self-assessment.

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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme which details the cyber security controls that could prevent up to 80% of common cyber attacks from the internet.


Cyber Essentials addresses the most common internet-based threats including phishing, password guessing and hacking and details a specific set of technical controls for how businesses IT systems should be configured, and governed through their HR policy, to reduce these threats. It covers five key areas including:

Server Protection (thick line).png

Securing your

internet connection

Secure Devices Icon thick line.png

Securing your

devices and software

File Protection thick line.png

Controlling access to data and services

Malware and Virus Icon thick line.png

Protecting from viruses and malware

Update Icon thick line.png

Keeping devices and software up to date

Cyber AMI: security and education in plain English

Following Cyber Essentials is the recommended first-step to reduce the risk of cyber attacks for your business. Cyber AMI is our web-based self-assessment and education platform which allows you to achieve and maintain compliance with the Cyber Essentials Scheme without the expense of a consultant.

Cyber AMI Scope.png

Assess and understand

Strengthen the policy and processes that direct your business's cyber security activity.

Improve your business governance of cyber security

Our unique process presents your journey in plain English

Benefit from modular self-assessment and education

Progress to better working practices at your own pace

Benchmark your business against Cyber Essentials

Web-based service

Designed for non-technical individuals. No experience is required to use the platform.

Nothing to download, install or configure

Tracks your progress for Management Information

Prepares and manages your Cyber Essentials certification

Remembers your responses to simplify certificate renewal

Regularly updated, and updates automatically

Cyber AMI Overview Laptop.png
Cyber AMI Certificate.png

Pain-free certification

Cyber Essentials requires annual certification. To help you the Cyber AMI platform:

Prepares your application form each year

Manages the certification* process for you

Entitles you to fast-track certification*

Acts as your representative if needed

Remembers responses for easy renewal in future years

Supports you through the complete process

Understanding your Cyber Essentials needs

Cyber Essentials is two things; it is (a) a technical specification, and (b) a certification.

(a) Technical Specification

Implementing and regularly reviewing the Cyber Essentials technical controls will protect your business against common cyber threats.

- Proactive risk management

- HM Governments minimum benchmark

- Prevent 80% of common attacks

(b) Certification

Optional unless demanded - obtaining the certificate will show that you take cyber security seriously and enable you to bid for Government contracts.

- Needed for local and central Government contracts

- Needed for HS2 rail project subcontractors

- Needed for Lexcel and/or CQS accredited legal practices

Cyber Essentials was created to assist in bringing all businesses up to a minimum benchmark of cyber security to better secure the British economy. As such, demand for certification is ever-increasing. Following the Cyber AMI assessment, you will be provided with the opportunity to purchase your certification* should you need it. 

*Applications are reviewed, and certificates issued, by ID Cyber Solutions Ltd. typically within 48 hours of submission


Access to the Cyber AMI web assessment is free! Simply click on the button below to create your free account and get started.

At the end of your assessment, should you need it, you can purchase your certification through the platform.

Get Started
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Cyber Information Security Package

Interested in a complete cyber and data solution? Cyber AMI is also available as part of our Cyber Information Security Package.

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If you're interested in this service and would like to speak to a member of our team, contact us on 03300 414 996, or by email at

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