Farm Introduction

Full Day Course


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Exploring the agriculture risks associated with commercial insurance.

This one-day course is ideal for delegates who have experience of commercial insurance but are new to – or have limited knowledge of – farm risks. It provides a broad overview of agricultural risks and some of the unique features associated with this class of business.

What is Covered

• The different types of farming

• Additional risks affecting farming

• Farm property cover

• Business interruption

• Liability

• Hail

• Agricultural motor

Course Outcome

• List the insurances required by farmers in order to comply with statutory requirements

• State the main insurable property

• Recognise the feature which may affect farm property cover

• List the main forms of liability insurance and describe how they can protect farmers

• Outline the main policy covers – Property damage, Business Interruption, Livestock & Hail

• Outline the main motor insurance cover option available