Management Liability Policy (MLP) - Beyond D&O

1 Hour Course

A course which aims to explain AXA's Management Liability Policy (MLP) and all of its benefits.

This short, one hour session aims to explain why the Management Liability Policy offered by AXA Insurance is more than an insurance policy.

Whilst it is undoubtedly the market leader in terms of the cover provided, the support services provided by rradar to all policyholders mean there is proactive help in understanding all types of legislation, assisting in making sensible business decisions, staying compliant and preventing legal problems from occurring in the first place. Learn how all this is achieved.

What is Covered

• The development of D&O insurance

• The AXA Insurance Management Liability Policy

• rradar – who we are, what we do

Course Outcome

• Explain the development of D&O insurance

• Recognise the benefits of the AXA MLP

• State the services provided by rradar to support your clients – rradarstation, legal, broker training

• Explain why the AXA MLP is more than an insurance policy


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