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A Day with a Rural Broker Part 1

Updated: Feb 17

After months of visiting brokers to explain the rradar services and years of providing upfront advice and guidance under the policy, I had the pleasure of spending a day in the shoes (or wellies) of one of the amazing rural brokers selling the Rural Protect insurance policy.

We had planned to visit a client who had the policy so that I could gain an understanding of what they do on a daily basis and the issues that they face, then move on to a local auction mart to experience the sights (and smells). Following that, a visit to an award-winning café before heading out to a potential client meeting to see the way that a broker engages a new client and hopefully closes a sale.

As always, plans are fluid and changes can happen. Late in the evening before the visit, I had a text to say that an early morning event about the economy with a focus on rural issues was being put on by the HSBC at a local rugby union club, Preston Grasshoppers, and that, if it were possible for me to attend, would be a great event to start the day.

So the new start to the day was a passionate, informed and detailed session by an amazing economist including such brilliant lines as ‘think of the markets like a petulant child who, if the cheap money is stopped, will throw a tantrum’.

After a great and highly informative talk, a bacon butty and a lovely coffee, it was time to hit the road again and start the visits to the rural community the broker serves.

After a short journey along winding and bendy rural roads, passing a string of little farming villages and the wide expanse of Alston Reservoir, we came to a halt outside the offices of CCIB in Longridge. Because of the nature of the next stage of our journey, we got out of the car and into the 4 x 4.

Next time, I pay a visit to a local farm and find out how they’re planning for the future.

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