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ELITE milestone achievement for local law firm rradar.

Updated: Feb 16

Wednesday 8th November 2017 was a milestone day for Hull-based law firm rradar. 

Not only has the company been extremely successful in achieving significant growth during its first four years in business, it has hit a new high by being welcomed into the London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE Programme; the first law firm in the world to do so.

Each year, the ELITE Programme welcomes two exclusive cohorts of ambitious companies through its doors with the aim of guiding them through the next stages of company growth.

rradar is now part of a worldwide community with a population of 660 businesses, spread across 35 sectors and located in 25 countries.  The select community employs approx. 180,000 people and is responsible for generating over £45 billion in combined revenues.

rradar has been selected due to the magnitude of its growth from 2013 – 2017.  rradar as a concept started with a single employee and it is now home to a team of over 100 staff. It reached an impressive growth in turnover of £4m in 2016. It has already well exceeded this figure during 2017, long before year end, with further significant growth.

The head office in Hull was relocated in the summer of 2017.  The facilities on offer at company headquarters are spacious and collaborative to enhance service delivery.  State of the art filming studios are in situ to bring to life aspects of the law featured in rradar’s technology platforms.

rradar is disrupting the sector by democratising the law and giving it back to the people.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been utilised to create the technology platforms that rradar offers.

The platforms help clients understand, manage and minimise potential legal issues before they become a problem.  Educate, Empower and Coach are embedded in the ethos of rradar’s business culture.

  • rradarstation offers a wide range of guidance and templates which companies can download and integrate into their business activities.  The station also offers 24/7 support for clients via telephone.

  • rradargrace is the go to app for legal support and guidance.

  • rradarreport is the online accident book, also available in app form so reporting can be instant.

The services and features available on all the technology platforms will evolve and grow with the business so the timing of entering the ELITE Programme could not be more perfect for rradar.

Gary Gallen, CEO, rradar:

“rradar has been given a fantastic opportunity to grow our revolutionary and innovative business model.  The learning and guidance that the ELITE Programme provides will support the transition and challenges we may face during the next stages of growth.

“The ELITE Programme enables entrepreneurs, like me, to share their knowledge and vision with like-minded people.  It’s refreshing to see a conglomerate like the London Stock Exchange Group supporting private businesses in their expansion in the UK and their expansion into international markets.”

Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE:

“I am delighted to welcome the latest group of UK companies to the ELITE Programme.  The programme selects innovative, inspiring and fast-growing businesses who are vital to supporting the British economy.”

What is ELITE?

Made up of over 660 companies worldwide, it is a unique offering for scale-ups across Europe and beyond, providing a comprehensive training programme and extensive access to the business and financial community.  The ELITE Club Deal private placement platform, launched earlier in 2017, will also help streamline the capital-raising process for ELITE companies.

For further information on the programme, companies and the full list of partners, please go to:

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