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Future Learning

Updated: Feb 17

How will the world of learning change over the next twenty years or so? Given the current pace of change, the answer is ‘considerably’. Read our article to find out what the future of learning has in store for us and watch the presentation by Paul Ainsworth.

The one thing we know about the future of learning is that we have no idea of what it will look like. We know technology will change beyond imagination over the next twenty years. In addition, we have only scratched the surface of how we can most effectively use the technology we currently have in our schools, colleges and other learning environments.

Yet equally the craft of teaching is one of the oldest skills; since ancient peoples taught their children how to hunt animals and then to make a fire, people have been teaching each other. I often share with my Maths students the story of how Pythagoras paid his students so that he could teach them. That was over two thousand years ago.

In this respect, teaching and learning has not changed. It is the practice of developing a skill in another human being. The simplest technology of teaching and learning can be one person speaking to another, modelling to another and then refining the practice.

Teaching and learning is communication. However, one area where learning is showing considerable development is an understanding of the hidden messages that are occurring.

What enables one student to be more receptive than another? How is one student able to practise the new skill more than another? This study is now longer in the academic echelons of Piaget and Vygotsky; instead, it is in the accessible writings of Gladwell, Syed or Dweck.

To me, it is this study which is the future of learning. It is one that does not need technology but instead it is about gaining a richer understanding of the power of the mind.

Paul K Ainsworth is a former Headteacher and now Advisor for the David Ross Education Trust. He is the author of five education books: ‘Developing a self-evaluating school: A Practical guide’ and ‘Get that Teaching Job’ (Bloomsbury); ‘The Senior Leader’s Yearbook’, ‘The Partnership Handbook’ and ‘Tackling In-school variation’ (Optimus) and also writes a popular blog for parents on sports psychology for children.

Watch Paul’s presentation here

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