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Guidance and Advice During the Third National Lockdown

On the evening of Monday 4th January 2021, the Prime Minister announced that a new national lockdown in England would begin immediately. This step was taken in response to an alarming rise in the number of COVID-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

Since March 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has caused very serious disruption to both businesses and individuals. As has been demonstrated by this latest announcement, the situation continues to evolve rapidly and unpredictably, with new guidelines and support schemes being frequently issued.

In such a situation, reliable and dependable support is all the more important. At rradar, you can be assured that it is business as usual. We remain fully operational and equipped to support our clients with the minimum of disruption in these most challenging circumstances. Our legal and proactive advisory teams continue with their work as usual. The high level of expert legal advice and representation we have always provided will continue to be available to you.

Guidance and advice to help you

We are closely monitoring the unfolding legal, regulatory and economic developments and will be continually updating our blog section and the Coronavirus category on rradarstation to make sure you have access to the latest information and advice. To find out more about the latest changes and restrictions, including the new rules, school closures and the vaccination programme, you can find out more by reading our latest blog here.

Clients can access articles and guidance on rradarstation 24/7 through their rradar account. If you have trouble logging into your account, follow the prompts on the login screen to gain access. If you don’t have an account, contact our rradarstation team on 0800 955 6111 and they will confirm your details and register you.

Still here to help

Our proactive legal advisory team will continue to provide support by telephone and email to our clients from 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday and is guiding employers through a wide range of issues such as the effects of the third National Lockdown, the question of whether employers can insist their workers receive the COVID vaccination, the Furlough Scheme, its extension and implications, sick pay confusion, self-isolating, operational contingency planning, as well as providing advice where businesses are considering temporarily closing down and the legal implications and processes they need to follow.

Our clients can call the rradarstation team on 0800 955 6111.