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Introducing rradar’s Business Experts

Updated: Feb 16

The people delivering value and opportunity for our clients.

Ronan Ball

Ronan Ball is the Business Development Manager at rradar. He leads the Business Development and client relationship management function with rradar’s key clients for the business, in support of AXA's Management Liability Policy. Ronan also works with brokers to bring rradar’s services to life, showing how they can benefit clients. 

As well as developing and enhancing rradar’s products, he also seeks out opportunities for new products and services to meet the future needs of clients.

Ronan has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years, and in more recent years as an Underwriting Manager and in these roles, he has acquired a wealth of valuable industry experience that enables him to help brokers develop their sales approach for the AXA MLP.

Ronan has an excellent understanding of clients and brokers across the market. He’s worked with Corporate clients, SMEs and Public Sector bodies as well as Education, Housing and Charity clients. This has given him valuable insight into the ways that rradar business development can be supported going forward. 

“I understand the importance of customer needs and also the benefits of risk management and how that can really help a customer to manage risk, to deal with potential claims before they arise and get a good overall handle on the risks that they face. That way they can carry on doing the business they need to do without having to worry about things that might go wrong.”

Many clients do face really serious risks in their businesses, from surprise regulator visits to being taken to Employment Tribunals, defending claims that could cost them thousands of pounds; from workplace accidents to legal action that could potentially close their business down. rradar products that support the AXA MLP let clients get on top of a problem before it’s even started and head off any likelihood of a claim.

“We all know that insurance is a promise; it's a promise to pay when something goes wrong and one thing I really like about the rradar products and services is that it helps our customers to get out in front of the problem.”

Clients can access the rradar services as soon as they get wind of a problem, or even before that, if they want some guidance on setting up procedures such as recruitment, disciplinaries, health and safety or data protection. They can talk to rradar’s legal advisers or they can go to the rradarstation website and look for advice and guidance on there. This is something that really sells the product and sets it apart in the marketplace.

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