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Meet Ellie Swatman

Updated: Feb 16

At rradar, we see the benefits of offering people the opportunity to see what it is like to work at rradar through a number of different programmes. We caught up with Ellie Swatman who joined us from the University of Hull, for a two-week placement, to find out how she found her time here and what she got up to.

How did you find your two weeks work experience at rradar?

I enjoyed my experience at rradar, I had the opportunity to work within different legal teams, experiencing different aspects of the business. All the teams were very welcoming and helpful in providing me with an insight of the work that they conduct.

What was your first impression of the company?

Having previously researched rradar, I knew the experience was going to be very different to any other law related work experience I had undergone in the past. However, I was still surprised by how unique the company really is in terms of the services they provide!

What have you found to be the most surprising aspect of working for rradar?

I knew that rradar aimed to prevent the need for claims to be made, however, I was surprised at the lengths the company has gone to educate their clients, as a means of achieving this.

What did you think of the work you were involved in during your time here?

During my work experience I was involved in a range of different roles; from gaining insight on legal practise to conducting multiple research tasks. This gave me an opportunity to get a greater idea of the work that is carried out at rradar and get involved in the research first-hand.

rradar has a very individual working culture and values – how do you feel these are expressed through its employees and work environment?

The environment itself clearly represents rradar’s individuality with indoor rope swings and a miniature putting green. But, what stood out to me the most was the open office space – which is uncommon in this industry. The way in which the teams are set out enables them to discuss things more openly and work together in more of a relaxed environment.

What was one of your favourite parts about your time spent at rradar?

One of the things that I enjoyed during my time spent at rradar was having the opportunity to witness the service provided by rradarstation advisors. As well as the wide range of information clients can access on the online portal, I enjoyed shadowing the employees who were providing the email and phone advice services, getting a greater idea of the unique services provided by rradar.

What would you say to someone who was considering coming here for a placement? Any advice?

I would definitely recommend undergoing a placement at rradar, you wouldn’t get an opportunity like this elsewhere - there is nowhere else like it.


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