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Meet the Team - Georgina Baulch

Updated: Feb 16

Welcome to the fourteenth in our series of team interviews. Each month, we’ll be asking a member of our team to tell us more about them and their involvement with rradar. This month, it’s time to hear about our rradar station Intern, Georgina Baulch.

How and when did you first become involved with rradar?

I first became involved with rradar when I met the lovely Heather at my University’s Law Careers Fair. We got chatting and she invited me come in for some legal work experience over the summer (which I of course did!) and now I am here, one day a week, for the remainder of the academic year (and longer I hope!)

Who/what was the biggest influence on your decision to work at rradar?

During my legal placement here in June I realised that rradar was such a lovely environment to be in, with such a brilliant work ethic. Rradar focused on niche areas that I had an interest in. I also think that missing all of the staff I had met and aspiring to build on my legal experience pushed me into sending that cheeky email asking if I could come back.

What was your first impression of the company?

Everyone was so friendly when I arrived and have been ever since. I felt so welcomed into the little rradar family and straight away felt that me being there was just as important to them as it was to me. I don’t think that they could have made a better impression. Dress-down Fridays was a weird concept, but quirky!

What have you found to be the most surprising/challenging aspect of working for rradar?

The most surprising thing is how approachable all the staff are and how willing they are to help and engage with you; you won’t find that in most firms. The most challenging aspect for me I think was figuring out the printer/copier machine.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about working for rradar?

Do it! Don’t waste another second thinking about it, just apply!

How do you see rradar developing over the next five years?

I personally hope that there’s a big development within the Leeds office with spaces for Paralegals and Trainees – and maybe even a few more branches within the UK. A wider clientele would also be really great for rradar. We will take over the legal world, one day.

If you weren’t working for rradar, what would you be doing instead?

Sat at home wishing I could be working at rradar, obviously.

How would someone describe you?

Definitely chatty and smiley, but also proactive and always willing to learn. I’d also like to think that one day, people will describe me as a very competent solicitor!

Surprise us with a little-known fact about you/your profession

I absolutely adore Hello Kitty and all things pink. I have been trying to refrain from bringing things into the office, but it has been a real struggle!

What inspires you that you think other people should know?

I think my friends and family inspire me to be who I want to be. They have always pushed me and have never questioned my ideas or told me that I wouldn’t cut it within the legal profession. They are always making sure that I am where I want to be, and that gives me the drive to improve upon myself. They are my inspiration. That, and Law and Order.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I’m currently very busy with my university work, lecture and seminar preparation, essay plans and my assignments, and I also have another part-time job working in student accommodation, so I’m definitely busy. I also enjoy cooking with friends and I’m attempting to learn Polish!

You’re on a desert island and you can take one album, one book and one film with you. What do you take?

We are the Ocean (Go now and live), The Fault in our Stars, and Love Actually.

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