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Meet the team - Tim Hornby

Updated: Feb 16

Welcome to the seventeenth in our series of team interviews. Each month, we’ll be asking a member of our team to tell us more about them and their involvement with rradar. This month, it’s time to hear about Commercial Disputes paralegal, Tim Hornby.

How and when did you first become involved with rradar?

I started at the very end of October 2016 after searching for vacancies closer to home as I was commuting to Sheffield at the time.

Who/what was the biggest influence on your decision to work at rradar?

The biggest influences were the rapid growth of the company with the opportunities that provides and the current size of the company being one in which I would not be just a face in the crowd or a tiny piece of the corporate machine!

What was your first impression of the company?

Prior to attending interview my first thought was that I shouldn’t be expecting too much from a law firm based in Hessle. Upon starting, my first impression was that rradar has huge potential to become a big player in the legal world.

What have you found to be the most surprising/challenging aspect of working for rradar?

The diverse nature and sheer volume of the work within Commercial Disputes is certainly the most challenging aspect. The most pleasantly surprising aspect has been the approachableness of colleagues and their willingness to talk support each other. Having thought about it further, the occasional bacon sandwich may be the best thing about working here.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about working for rradar?

Do it. Now is a great time to be joining a rapidly growing, improving and progressive firm.

How do you see rradar developing over the next five years?

New head office, increase in staff, new branches and an upsurge in reputation.

If you weren’t working for rradar, what would you be doing instead?

Retiring to a white sand, clear water beach in Asia as ‘no rradar, no point’.

How would someone describe you?

Sassy, cheeky, yet surprisingly loveable.

Surprise us with a little-known fact about you/your profession.

I spent a year teaching English in South Korea. Since a few people know that already, I once played poker with (and won money from) Matt Damon in Las Vegas.

What inspires you that you think other people should know?

Outside of work travel and new cultures inspire me. At work, winning (on behalf of the client) pushes me each day.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

Travel, cooking, watching football, time with family and friend…normal stuff innit.

You’re on a desert island and you can take one album, one book and one film with you. What do you take?

Album: Kings of Leon – Only by the Night Book: I’m not much of a reader for leisure, so I’d take something practical. A Bear Grylls survival guide perhaps. Film: Ideally I’d take Sherlock box set…they’re feature film length so that’s allowed right? If not, The Hangover trilogy. I might need something to keep my sprits up.

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