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rradar Design in the Field

Updated: Feb 16

It was a clear, sunny day; Summer had finally given up its place to Autumn and the design team at rradar was responding to an invitation from the Federation of Agricultural Brokers to cover an event at a Cattle Auctioneer.

Despite the venue, the event was not an animal auction but the Federation’s Annual Convention. After an interesting diversion around the A1, Susan the rradar design professional photographer arrived at the Junction 36 Rural Auction Centre in Kendal.

With the sunlight breaking through the storm-wracked sky, Susan set up for the day ahead with her camera and tripod, reviewing the best areas for capturing the elements and atmosphere of the day.

The speakers at the event in the morning included rradar’s rural insurance underwriting partner HB Underwriting. HB’s director Steven Swift gave a talk on cyber risks following a presentation on the evolving nature of online crime given by a member of Titan – a collaboration between the police forces of Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and North Wales to fight organised crime in the North West.

Following this was a talk by a dairy farmer. You would expect such a speaker at an agricultural brokers’ event but the topic of the talk was not about dairy cows. Instead, it was a passionate interesting and thoroughly insightful piece on dairy farming in the UK and the US and how we produce more and more with decreasing amounts of farmers. He covered the rise of the super farm and the fact that people were the key to everything – if the farmer treated their people as a team, they could expect to continue to thrive.

Once the talks had concluded, there was a speed dating style introduction session and because we had a professional photographer present, we decided to adopt a wholly different approach, taking photos of everyone we talked to as a reminder of the day.

After a long day, Susan returned to base camp and started to sift through the vast amount of pictures taken. She is now working on a collection of photos for display on the rradar brokers’ page and the Federation home page.

Our thanks go out to Anne and Debbie of the Federation and to all the speakers, brokers and other insurers who made it a FAB event.

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