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rradar’s approach to continuous digital transformation

Last week, Gary Gallen, our CEO, spoke at LegalTech in Leeds, a major regional event organised by Whitecap Consulting . He discussed the importance of bringing the people within your organisation on the journey with you, appreciating the disruption that digital transformation is likely to cause to the business and listening to the feedback from employees.

Azeem highlighted what Gary said about the need for law firms to be “really clear on the business plan and work backwards from the desired outcome so that both the law firm and the technologist are working towards a common goal”

Gary also had some advice for law firms: “Familiarise yourself with the main concerns of - and challenges faced by - lawyers.”

Azeem said “I find this interesting because it helps us all understand the best way for technology and new ideas to be used in the industry .. and it's all about working together towards a common goal.”

Gary concluded by reminding his audience that digital transformation does not have to be a huge project with a huge budget; it can be incremental, improving the internal efficiency of backend functions.

Events like LegalTech in Leeds are important for forging new connections and reinforcing existing ones within the legaltech sector. Also present at the event was Azeem Rashid of Lawtech 365 Group, who said “One of the biggest takeaways from the event was from Gary Gallen, CEO of rradar - who has built one of the most interesting and innovative law firms I have come across”

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