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Updated: Feb 16

Running a business can expose you to any number of risks relating to premises, employees, assets and visitors. This is why rradar entered into a unique partnership with leading insurance companies and brokers. 

Our partnership enables business owners to gain access to unlimited business advice and resources helping explain the rules and regulations specific to your industry sector and your business development.

We combine professional legal representation and specialist advisory services that will help guide you through any obstacles that your business may come across.

We believe understanding the law means being aware of what you can do rather than what you can’t.

rradargrace is supported by cutting-edge cognitive computing combined with bespoke coding and content designed by our technology and design teams in partnership with tech giant IBM Watson. She uses natural language and speech output that will adapt and learn by the way clients interact with her to answer routine legal queries by searching a database written by our highly-qualified solicitors and health & safety advisors.

We see this resulting in a quicker and more satisfactory experience for the more routine queries that can occur any time of the day or night and will allow our team at rradarstation to facilitate the more complex individual advice-based enquiries.

Make sure you download the rradargrace app!

You can download rradargrace from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Can’t download?  Call us on 0800 955 61111

Alternatively speak to your Insurer or Broker to find out how you can access rradar’s revolutionary services.

rradarstation is an award-winning legal advice tool and training platform, designed to manage and minimise your business risks, educating you to stay on the right side of the law and guiding you to safety if legal problems arise. Whether you need to know about HR, health and safety, tax, intellectual property and copyright or corporate governance, there’s a huge range of advice and support available.

  • We give you complex legal advice in everyday language, making the law accessible to you.

  • Staffed by a friendly team of advisors who are contactable by phone or email between 8am-6pm.

  • 24/7 Crisis Line for out of hours emergencies

  • Access to an online library of thousands of documents and guidance articles.

  • Downloadable/customisable HR, Health and Safety templates and checklists.

Click here to login to rradarstation.

Can’t login? Call us on 0800 955 61111

Alternatively speak to your Insurer or Broker to find out how you can access rradar’s revolutionary services.

Need to contact us?

For all media related enquiries, please contact us on

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