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Rural Protect and rradar

Updated: Feb 17

What is Rural Protect?

Rural businesses face increasing financial and legal risks from customer, employee and supplier claims, together with the threat of investigation by a wide range of UK regulators, all of whom have considerable powers and the possibility of imposing heavy fines. When legal costs are factored in, even if a business wins the case, the expenses can be crippling.

Until very recently, the farming and rural community has had to face these risks without a proper and comprehensive insurance solution but now they have a product that has been specifically designed to take into account their very particular needs and requirements and protect their interests.

Rural Protect is a new insurance product, developed by the rural insurance specialists HB Underwriting in partnership with AXA, the largest insurance company in the world, to address the very specific risks and circumstances faced by rural businesses, including working farms, estates and equine businesses.

What does it offer?

Rural Protect offers tailor-made protection for rural businesses as well as personal liability cover to farm managers, directors and business owners for any decision they make relating to running their business.

In a revolutionary development, partnerships and sole traders now get the same level of protection as was formerly afforded to directors of limited companies, including Personal Liability, Company Liability plus an option to add Employment Practices Liability.

The policy provides cover for owners, partners or directors in the event that an allegation is made against them or they are the subject of an investigation by one of the many regulatory bodies who have powers in the rural sector, including:


  • FCA

  • Food Standards Agency

  • Police

  • Local Authority – Planning, Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Health and Safety

  • HSE

  • Environment Agency – England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • HMRC – Tax / PAYE / NIC, Employer Compliance and VAT

  • Business Information and Skills Department

  • DVSA

  • Traffic Commissioner

  • Information Commissioner

  • UK Visas and Immigration


  • DVLA

  • Companies House

  • Employment Tribunal

  • EU Commission

  • Competition and Markets Authority

  • National Crime Agency

  • Canals and Rivers Trust

  • Forestry Commission

  • Utility Regulator

  • MOD

  • Parish Council

  • Planning Appeals Inspectorate

  • EHRC

  • Advertising Standards Agency

  • Gangmasters Licensing Authority

Any costs that are incurred by the business as a result of having to obtain legal representation are covered, in addition to any award made. This cover extends to any past, present or future director, partner, owner or employee.

The policy contains pursuit cover, which means that the business is covered if it needs to take legal action against another party or initiate the recovery of disputed debts.

rradar is an innovative and ground-breaking law firm that takes the traditional model of legal service and stands it on its head. Rather than clients contacting us when things have already gone wrong, we make a wealth of legal advice and guidance, gathered over many years by legal experts, available to the client whenever they need it. On our Advice Resource Centre, or ARC, you can find articles, downloadable templates and customisable documents free for the taking. With over 1400 pages on a wide variety of subjects including health and safety, employment, taxation, environment and commercial relationships, you’re sure to find what you need to plan ahead, anticipate problems before they happen and be ready for whatever life throws at you and your business. The ARC is backed up by a team of highly experienced advisors who are on the other end of the line if you need to speak to a real person. They operate 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, but if your crisis falls outside office hours (as they so often do), we have a 24/7 Crisis Line and speak directly to one of our legal team.

If the worst happens and you find yourself in need of first-class legal representation, our team of experienced professional lawyers, covering all legal sectors, is on hand to support you however and whenever you need, at interviews, meetings and court hearings. Our client service is legally privileged and can be recorded for client security.

How rradar can help:

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