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Social media marketing – what, where and when to post

Updated: Feb 16

Social media can be key for many businesses as a direct gateway to discuss business, further customer engagement and attract new customers. We have taken a small selection of well-known social media platforms and highlighted what, where and when to post.

Each platform has its own virtues and unique audience demographic; it is crucial for a successful campaign that you understand who you are targeting and why. Whether you are marketing to new clients, updating existing clients or just raising your business profile and reaffirming your level of industry knowledge and expertise, it is important to choose the right platform for the right message.

Breaking down different demographics for social media platforms can be challenging; research is required to understand when your clients will be online and their areas of interest.


Facebook is not suitable for all business types although it has many benefits, such as greater freedom to post images along with sizeable text and website links. This is perfect for customer engagement and your business updates. The tone can be friendly, discussing what your business is doing as well as events and networking opportunities for your clients.

Tip: Friendly posts showcasing the human side of your business.

As a guideline, we would suggest 3 to 4 updates per week including images, informative text and calls to action.


Twitter is limited to 140 characters; this can be seen as a benefit for punchy messaging and direct contact to other users. Twitter can be used for sharing snippets of information, industry updates, what’s new in your business and services offered to clients. With the amounts of tweets numbering 500,000,000 per day, it is easy to get lost in the social stream.

Twitter also has the capability for posting images and videos along with your tweets. Be aware that adding any of these will reduce your number of characters.

Hash tags are also advisable on twitter (they are now active on other Social Media platforms as well). You can highlight searchable key words in order for other users to find your content.

Tip: Punchy headlines including a call to action.

We would recommend posting between 8 and 14 tweets per day, not including direct messages to fellow twitter users and retweets.


Pinterest is predominantly used for posting and sharing images on a digital pin board and should be used for imagery relating to your business or marketing material. Eye-catching images of your products or services and infographics are recommended. Users can also post comments and repin your posts.

Tip: Eye catching images highlighting your work and services.

We would advise that you pin 4 to 6 images per week offering a great insight into the visual aspects of your business.


LinkedIn is first and foremost a business platform with the ability to showcase yourself as an individual, summarise your working history and skill set. You can post on your feed as well as like and share other people’s posts.

LinkedIn also offers the ability to create groups and discussions. These are a way to showcase your business and engage other users in your sector about relevant topics. This will assist in reaffirming your business knowledge and expertise.

Tip: Business-related targeted content

Relating to posts, we would recommend 3 to 5 company page updates per week, with comment monitoring and replies. LinkedIn also offers a job search function for recruiting new staff and seeing what is happening in your industry (there is a cost involved for this service).

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