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TEDx at Pocklington

Updated: Feb 16

Earlier this year, we mentioned exciting developments in the pipeline and now we can announce one of those. We are hosting a TEDx conference event at Pocklington School on 28th May. The theme is the Evolution of technology education to industry

What’s TEDx?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences run under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”. The subjects presented at the conferences vary widely but revolve around technology, design, scientific, cultural and academic matters. The TEDx conferences are usually filmed and disseminated to a worldwide audience.

What is the event all about?

We want to show how people can embrace lifelong learning and creative education to further their personal and business development.

We intend the conference to showcase the evolution of learning through the generations and the ways in which new technology can make a significant difference to everyone from students to business leaders.

The sessions at the conference will focus on:

  • Current technology and contemporary communication

  • Innovative ways to think outside the ordinary

  • Educational learning and development techniques

  • Digital world interaction and communication

  • Communication, verbal and visual to aid individual and group learning

  • Inspiration to think differently for both personal and business development

  • Using the senses to enhance development

  • Latest technology pushing the boundaries of education and discussion

  • Music, poetry and rhyme to reinforce learning

  • Art and the role artists play through visual communication

During the day, we’ll be using a variety of methods to record and react to the developing dialogue between environment and ideas. Artists will be set up in different locations around the theatre, sketching and visually recording the event. Musicians will be playing and creating music to align with the event’s tone and feel, enhancing the atmosphere and memory of the event.

Speakers will be recorded on camera to document their ideas and share them with the wider world after the event, broadcasting to a global audience on the TEDX platform.

We are excited about this seminal event and the possibilities it has to influence the interaction between generations and mindsets. The potential is limitless; we hope that you will take the decision to join us there and experience it for yourself.

For more information download our pdf, or take a look at the TEDx page.

Tickets to the event are available now. Order yours now!

Need to contact us?

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