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The Future of Learning

Updated: Feb 17

The world of education is changing at a speed that can be baffling and frightening for those involved. New technologies, new philosophies, new practices – you need a guide to show you the way to use them to your advantage. In our article, Jon Tait will explain it all to you.

As any teacher will tell you, the world of education is one of almost constant change, but whilst adjustments to the curriculum are one aspect of this, probably the most important is the way that new developments in technology and thinking on learning styles are reshaping the classroom of today to usher in the schools of tomorrow.

The schools that will succeed in developing their students, delivering learning in the most innovative, effective and stimulating ways will be those who are not afraid to try new methods and philosophies to ensure that what they are doing is up to date and relevant to all the learners they serve.

There is a vast range of products and services on offer to teachers today and they are often presented with an embarrassment of riches when looking for the best ways to deliver their lessons. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all solution where thirty children sat at rows of desks staring at a blackboard. Now, the most forward-thinking educational establishments make use of a wide variety of tools and techniques gleaned from online resource sites to ensure that they can deliver individually tailored learning to each of their students. From tablets on which the student can download their own lesson to bite-sized nuggets of information sent to smart phones, from virtual classrooms to virtual reality visits to historical buildings long since lost, there really is no limit to what can be achieved.

One thing is certain about the future of education – it will be radically different from the present day. Those who can seize the opportunities that change offers will be the ones who find themselves in the enviable position of being ahead of the curve, perfectly positioned to deliver relevant, entertaining and cutting edge educational content to a new generation of learners.

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Specialist Speakers

Jon Tait

Senior leader in secondary education, deputy headteacher responsible for teaching & learning, 2012 Olympic Torch bearer & author of own education blog.

Senior Education Leader

Jon is an experienced senior leader and current deputy headteacher working in a large and diverse North East secondary school. As a classroom teacher, he has experience of working in 3 different schools for nearly 15 years. His responsibility areas as a senior leader over the past 7 years have been in Care, Guidance and Support, Behaviour & Safety, Raising Achievement, Professional Development and leading on Teaching & Learning.


Jon regularly presents at teaching conferences both in the UK and internationally via Skype. This has included presentations to conferences in New York, Ohio and Dubai. Jon is very interested in creative and innovative teaching practices which engage students and raise achievement. Jon regularly talks about how he has researched and conducted trials with digital technology in schools such as ipads, social media, global connections and flipped learning, with great effect.

Olympic Torch Bearer

In 2012, Jon was selected to carry the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 Olympics. This honour came after he was nominated due to his work with young people, both in schools and through his sports coaching in the local community. Since carrying the torch, Jon has delivered lessons all over the world on the Olympic Torch, spreading the Olympic message via Skype to schools in 15 different states in America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and France.

Event Information

The event is based around technology and communication and how we can use current methods and thinking to inspire the face of business and education today.

We are really excited about the event and have pulled together a fantastic line-up of speakers. All are leading experts in their respective fields. We have speakers from Apple, Microsoft and Google along with thought leaders, technology experts, spoken word professionals, international artists and even a UN investigator.

We know this seems a broad spectrum of speakers but we wanted to take people on a journey through communication, starting with new thinking and learning methods, reminding people of the power of the written and spoken word, the effect of art, energy of music and how we can use technology to get our ideas to a global audience.

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