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The ‘give to get’ philosophy for business

Updated: Feb 17

A revolutionary idea for transforming the way that businesses work with each other. Moving from a standpoint of confrontation to one of reciprocal co-operation can pay dividends and Jacky Fitt will show you how this can be achieved.

Call it reciprocity, call it payback, call it responding in kind – the urge to do something nice for somebody who’s been nice to you is hard-wired into every one of us. It’s part of what makes us the social animals we are; it’s given humans the edge when it comes to building relationships, groups, societies and ultimately civilisations.

Giving something to get something can be a very powerful and useful tool for businesses to use – as long as it’s used sincerely and with good intent. Misuse it or exploit it and the repercussions can be very damaging indeed.

Many businesses find that building a relationship of trust with their customer base is incredibly hard. Potential customers have an ocean of information to navigate and it’s very easy for them to overlook new businesses in favour of the ones that they already know. It’s also the case that we live in a cynical age and people often need to have this cynicism shaken up and broken through if the business’ message is to hit home.

That’s why Give to Get is so effective – it cuts across the grain of today’s materialistic, self-centred marketing strategies, which give customers the impression that companies just want their money and nothing else. Give to Get turns that approach on its head – it says that the company puts the customer first, regardless of whether they’ve done business or intend to do so. This shows intent, empathy and – most importantly – credibility.

Businesses who take the opportunity to show that they’re friendly, honest and helpful without the underlying message that they’re just after the customer’s money will be in a better position to reap the benefits if the customer decides that they want to do business with that company. A business that gives something away that has a real value, without expecting anything in return is sending some very important messages.

When a company is able to get people to see it as honest, sincere, and giving, it makes the decision to purchase much easier for the potential customer to make. Making sincere and genuine use of reciprocity, giving to get, means that others are helped and relationships grow and flourish.

Specialist Speaker

Jacky Fitt

Jacky Fitt is an award-winning author, editor and co-director/Strategic Copywriter for creative agency the Big Ideas Collective. Her clients include ITV plc, the University of York, Littlewoods Online, Hertz, the Continuum Group and Vital Technology Group. She has a background in theatre and film production and has worked with such leading figures as Terence Davies, Paul Greengrass and David Puttnam. She was also the Head of Viewer Services (North) at ITV.

Jacky is the author of the five-star rated “How to Get inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There”, a practical guide to good copywriting that demystifies content marketing and shows how best to use it for advantage and profit. The book won the 2015 Small Business Book Community Choice Award in marketing

Jacky’s work involves listening, understanding and articulating ideas and concepts through words. She aims to be persuasive, engaging and informative, clarifying complex ideas and concepts for her clients, helping them to communicate through high quality copy and content.

Capturing the right ‘tone of voice’ is very important, she believes, as it can show clients how to create copy and content that speaks for and about both business and brand. By using high quality content, managing it and marketing through print, online and social media, businesses can raise their profiles – and their profitability.

Jacky is co-owner of the Principles of Profit, a leading business development programme and co-director of the publishing imprint the Big Ideas Library. She is also an Institute of Leadership and Management endorsed trainer.

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Event Information

The event is based around technology and communication and how we can use current methods and thinking to inspire the face of business and education today.

We are really excited about the event and have pulled together a fantastic line-up of speakers. All are leading experts in their respective fields. We have speakers from Apple, Microsoft and Google along with thought leaders, technology experts, spoken word professionals, international artists and even a UN investigator.

I know this seems a broad spectrum of speakers but we wanted to take people on a journey through communication, starting with new thinking and learning methods, reminding people of the power of the written and spoken word, the effect of art, energy of music and how we can use technology to get our ideas to a global audience.

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