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The Intern Diaries: Meet Katherine

Updated: Feb 16

You might have seen a few weeks ago that five new faces joined the rradar team. Our interns, Daniel Ellis, Katherine Coates, Nihro Mawlood, Robert Westwood and Tamera Amoah, have been exploring what goes on at rradar, spending time in a number of departments and getting a first-hand taste of the way that we bring the rradar difference to everything we do. We wanted to know how they were getting on and what they thought of the rradar experience, so we’ve taken some time to ask them a series of questions about what they’ve learned so far.

For the finale in the series of The Intern Diaries, we sit down with Katherine.

What were your initial impressions of rradar? Was there anything that stood out from the offset?

This may sound silly, but on my first day, I was nervous and excited. As I walked into the building, the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming my nerves just seemed to slip away. From the ladies on reception to meeting all the managers, who we had coffee and pastries with. Everyone was friendly.

Meeting the CEO, Gary Gallen, gave me a sense of pride. It was a privilege to meet the CEO and to witness first hand a company that treats their staff not just as employees but as a family, working in unity. On my first day, I felt like part of that family.

During your time here, what have been some of the highlights for you?

There have been a few highlights during my time here so far. One of the biggest highlights would have to be having lunch with the CEO, Gary, where we had the opportunity to talk about our journeys. Hearing Gary’s experience inspired me to follow my own dreams and gave me something to aspire to. The teams also included me in meals out to celebrate birthdays and staff members changing departments, which made me feel part of the team. I also got to attend the annual Summer Social and get to know people from different departments and locations in a relaxed setting.

What do you think about the work you have been getting on with during your time here? Is there anything specific you have really enjoyed getting involved with?

I was placed with the Commercial Dispute team when I first started here at rradar. The work has been both rewarding and very challenging, as I have had to learn new areas of law and how they apply to each case at a quick pace.

One specific piece I found really satisfying was working with the team to write my first defence. It was very exciting to learn what detail does and doesn’t go into a defence.

My second seat was in the Business Crime and Regulation team. Within my time here, I was able to apply knowledge I had already gained from university.

Most of my remaining time here at rradar will be with the content team. The team works hard to write articles for rradarstation. The articles and downloadable templates cover a variety of areas of law. They help clients to educate themselves and prevent problems from occurring in the first place, rather than simply turning to rradar for solutions when things go wrong. I have contributed to this by helping to write articles on commercial bailments, childcare in the workplace, and worrying livestock. I have really enjoyed writing these articles and learning how to develop my writing style and skills.

How is working at rradar different from other workplaces you have worked at, if at all?

I have worked in other workplaces, in legal services and other industries before my internship but rradar is very different from them all. From the start, everyone was friendly. I have also been made to feel included within every team I have sat with. Each department works as a team, with open communication on projects, which means you are never working on your own. In comparison, in other workplaces, I had a set role to fulfil and sometimes this led to little or no interaction with other members of the team due to target-driven attitudes. I liked rradar because of the social interaction and the quality of care given to each client.

rradar has a specific set of values that it has embedded in its culture and practices – how have you encountered these during your time and what are your thoughts?

rradar’s set of core values are Unity, Authentic, Pioneering, and Relentless. I have encountered all four values throughout my time at rradar.

• The unity in rradar is demonstrated in that everyone at rradar shares their knowledge throughout the different departments. In addition, their knowledge is shared with clients, through writing articles for rradarstation to empower and educate the clients.

• The people and the culture of rradar is authentic. Everyone at rradar has a voice and is able to be their genuine selves. This means that everyone at rradar feels valued.

• The technology used and the practices of rradar is pioneering. Anyone at rradar can make a suggestion to help the firm and their clients work smarter.

• rradar is relentless in the support they give to clients - from open communication and sharing problems or legal issues to members of the team going to different locations for the clients whenever they need them.

These values drive rradar to continue being the leading example within its field, by delivering on what they say they will do.

What would you say to somebody who’s thinking about working at rradar?

There is something that someone once said to me that has always stuck with me which was: “Go for it: no matter how it ends, it was an experience. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. I have to agree with their wise words, I took a chance and became an intern at rradar. I have really enjoyed my time within each team and anyone who joins the rradar family will feel the same.

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