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The Intern Diaries: Meet Tamera

Updated: Feb 16

You might have seen a few weeks ago that five new faces have joined the rradar team. Our interns, Daniel Ellis, Katherine Coates, Nihro Mawlood, Robert Westwood and Tamera Amoah, have been exploring what goes on at rradar, spending time in a number of departments and getting a first-hand taste of the way that we bring the rradar difference to everything we do. We wanted to know how they were getting on and what they thought of the rradar experience, so we’ve taken some time to ask them a series of questions about what they’ve learned so far.

In the first of The Intern Diaries, we sit down with Tamera.

What were your initial impressions of rradar? Was there anything that stood out from the offset?

Everyone gave me a very warm welcome. What definitely stood out to me was the communal area or ‘the fun room’. The abundance of recreational activities was something I was not expecting in a law firm, but it gave me a good impression of the kind of place I’d be working in.

During your time here, what have been some of the highlights for you?

I have really enjoyed the social aspect of rradar. It is very easy to communicate and engage with everyone. I’ve also enjoyed the end of week events such as a fortnightly Friday quiz and ‘dress-down’ Friday. These events contributed to a more relaxed environment which made it easier to settle in.

What do you think about the work you have been getting on with during your time here? Is there anything specific you have really enjoyed getting involved with?

I am currently working in the Business Crime and Regulation team and I have been enjoying it immensely. The types of cases that the team deal with have been very interesting and my partaking allows me to look into and research areas of law that I have not yet encountered. I have enjoyed my research tasks the most as they let me engage and assist with cases that I am not explicitly involved in.

How is working at rradar different from other workplaces you have worked at, if at all?

This is my first experience of working in a law firm, so I don’t have much to compare it to. I will say that rradar’s informal, friendly, yet professional and knowledgeable environment has been a major selling point for me.

rradar has a specific set of values that it has embedded in its culture and practices – how have you encountered these during your time and what are your thoughts?

rradar accentuates the value of working within a team. Even though the BCR team work individually on their cases, they’re able to rely on each other’s knowledge. I’ve seen it occur between senior and trainee solicitors. It gives the impression that no one is forced to work alone which I found very valuable. Also, rradar emphasises the importance of educating clients. The innovative nature of the firm is prevalent with its use of rradar station and the grace app which I have found to be an interesting and useful way to help clients learn about the law and limit the number of claims.

What would you say to somebody who’s thinking about working at rradar?

I would say go for it! I don’t think you’ll be able to find a more inclusive, balanced and professional group of people than at rradar. My time here has been really enjoyable, engaging and unique and I don’t believe the culture and values of this firm can be replicated by any other.

We are looking forward to continue following how Tamera and the rest of our interns are getting on. Do keep an eye out for the next Intern Diary.

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