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rradar's in-house digital production platform that delivers content via creative media channels.

Creativity and Innovation

One thing that sets rradar apart from the more traditional law firm model is our leading adoption of technology and client-focussed delivery of our knowledge through integrated media channels. We believe that it’s vital for us to meet our clients where they operate, on demand, on the go, via their smart devices or laptops.

To put this into practice, we’ve established a ground-breaking media hub which includes a green screen studio and recording room, with the latest equipment and a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team who work hard to produce and deliver subject matter expertise, legal support and advice through a wide range of innovative and creative media channels and initiatives.

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In-house Studio

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Video Production

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Webinars and Podcasts

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Marketing and Design

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Events and Mock Trials

In-House Studio and Media Production

Our Hull HQ has been designed with a multi-media studio equipped with sound-dampened rooms and a green screen. We have extensive experience producing webinars, podcasts and promotional filming and can deploy top-of-the-range equipment to ensure that professionalism and creativity are at the centre of our media platform.

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Virtual Legal
Webinars and Podcasts

Keen to ensure that we reach our client base through whichever channel is most convenient for them, we have developed a webinar and podcast service that is used by our insurance and legal experts to deliver information, guidance and updates in an easy-to-access format.


For businesses who want to develop their webinar and podcast capacity, rradar can offer the use of our sound-dampened facilities, expert technical assistance and equipment on an

on-demand basis.

Marketing and Design

Our marketing team has extensive experience across a broad range of marketing and communication specialisms and can help to guide clients through the maze that is marketing. Our team can help build end-to-end communication and multimedia strategy initiatives to ensure your business messaging reaches your audience.

Our talented designers produce strong visual, creative and brand elements that complement the messaging and strategy for the client. Our designers support the artwork of our digital media team, ensuring our media outputs are of the highest brand standard.

On the go
Mock Trials

There can be little more unnerving than appearing in front of a tribunal or court. So much depends on a confident performance and yet the often intimidatory nature of a court environment can frustrate even the most robust business owner.


It makes sense therefore to gain experience in tribunal and court appearances before actually having to attend them. That’s where rradar’s Mock Trial service comes into play. We can set up a courtroom environment and use our expert legal teams to prepare employers for a day in court. There’s no substitute for experience and where better to obtain it than in the care of a trusted legal services provider whose primary objective is our clients’ welfare and success.


One thing that all businesses know is that there is no substitute for the human touch; the chance to meet someone in the flesh can complement the use of a telephone call, a series of emails or social media interaction.


rradar’s Hull HQ has several meeting and function rooms that can be used by partner organisations to host meetings and events. We have a proven track record hosting charity fundraising events, music concerts and corporate training days, and have organised our own TEDx event, so we’re very familiar with what’s required to make everything go smoothly.

Key Benefits

People are used to receiving information in a huge number of ways. Our team can help you design and deliver campaigns that keep your business up to date and engage your client base:

  • Keeping production in-house allows for better control of messaging, delivery times and cost

  • Our legal foundations give an extra dimension to our work, ensuring common legal pitfalls, such as data protection, can be avoided.

  • rradarmedia gives clients access to the latest media platforms and legal thought leaders for award-winning advice and training

  • rradar’s in-house media capabilities ensure speed to business is aligned with your team education and training plans

How To Access


If you're interested in this service and would like to speak to a member of our team, contact us on 03300 414 996, or by email at

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