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Helping you save time and money - rradarrecover provides you with a powerful and effective online debt recovery solution.

Start recovering your debts today,  contact us to set up your rradarrecover account.

Making Debt Recovery Simple

Reduce the number of emails, invoices and unanswered telephone messages you make chasing overdue payments from your clients, customers and suppliers. rradarrecover helps organisations with the recovery of bad debts and can reduce the stress of chasing payments by sending out ‘before action’ solicitor letters to a bad debtor on your behalf.


As a specialist litigation and commercial law firm, we understand that even well-established organisations can find that their cash flow is seriously compromised due to payments not being made by customers, clients or suppliers. rradarrecover provides users with access to a powerful and effective online debt recovery solution and combines our digital and legal expertise in one easy-to-use and affordable debt recovery solution.


rradarrecover users can also download professional guidance packs and resources around good credit management, debt recovery and court processes. After inputting 10 debts into the platform, users also have access to a complimentary Credit Health Management Check which provides them with advice on the changes they can make to their organisation's credit management and debt recovery processes.

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24/7 access to

secure online debt recovery platform


Automatic calculation of late payment charges and interest

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Send solicitor's letters to debtors, each reviewed by our Debt Recovery team

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Access to templates, management resources and guidance packs

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Key features and benefits:

Offers a cost-effective, monthly subscription and simple online set up

Provides a step-by step process to recovering your debts

Reduces the time spent on manual debt recovery processes

Generates automated late payment reminder letters to be sent to debtors

Download templates to produce professional looking credit management documents easily.

Upload outstanding invoices and add details to support the recovery of the debt

Track and monitor actions and update recovery status online 24/7

Access to debt management guides, document templates and checklists.

Option to progress and obtain additional legal advice and representation for a clear fixed fee

Complimentary Credit Management Health Check after inputting your first 10 debts.

Debt Recovery Subscription Packages

rradarrecover is available as part of our Debt Recovery subscription service. Our range of cost-effective debt collection packages will show your debtors you are serious about recovering the debt you are owed whether they are a business, individual or sole trader. Let us tackle your late payments, demand overdue payments, send legitimate solicitors’ letters and recover the money you are owed today. 


Need More Information?

If you're interested in this service and would like to speak to a member of our team, contact us on 03300 414 996, or by email at

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