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Clarifying tax planning to help businesses manage their tax liabilities, payroll and benefits.

Tax planning is important to help any organisation achieve its financial, regulatory and business objectives. Effective tax planning can help your tax liabilities, streamline tax management systems and ultimately increase profitability.


It is essential for employers to ensure that their staff work status and tax contributions comply with current legal requirements,  resolving tax positions and implementing cost-efficient processes.

What we can help with

As well as providing sound and practical advice on UK Tax and payroll matters, we offer a wide range of proactive Tax support, training and consultancy services that are headed by an ex-HMRC senior inspector, professionally recognised and with over 30 years’ experience of industry specialist knowledge in this complex business area.

We pride ourselves on our ability to proactively help employers meet their compliance obligations and maximise their cost controls. We also use our extensive knowledge of tax authorities to help employers apply appropriate measures to balance cost efficiencies with compliance assurance by providing:

  • High quality advice suitable for all industry sectors

  • 30-minute consultations with next step recommendations

  • Practical knowledge backed up by industry experience

  • Online and face-to-face training to upskill gaps in your team’s knowledge and improve their technical skills and commercial understanding of Tax rules

  • Case studies providing real business solutions

Proactive Support and Solutions

  • Tax Health Check: To identify and mitigate any issues in your tax compliance, develop appropriate solutions to minimise possible tax exposures and risks through an in-depth review by our specialist tax team.

  • Tax Dispute Resolution Advice: this service provides various tax dispute scenario training techniques to use when dealing with HMRC enquiries and how applying different negotiating skills and settlement strategies can help bring about more favourable outcomes.  

  • Risk Rating – Large Business Risk Review: This review can help to lower a business risk rating that a HMRC assessment procedure can enforce on larger organisations.  A higher risk rating can result in a lot of unwanted attention from HMRC.

Crisis Management Support

  • HMRC Letter Response: Support and assistance with responding to letters received from HMRC, the application for rulings or to simply clarify issue-specific liabilities, laws and regulations the tax authorities are questioning or disputing with your organisation.

  • Tax Investigation Support: when dealing with new HMRC investigations (including Code of Practice 8 and 9), long standing disputes, VAT inspections or - if you are heading for a tribunal - we will work with you to advise, guide and support you through the process.

  •  Making Disclosures: Help to identify where you should make voluntary disclosures that will help to minimise any follow-up questions or further penalty exposures.

  •  Coronavirus Support Grants – Following the pandemic, HMRC have recently stated that they will be investigating fraudulent claims. These include Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS, aka furlough)

Speak to our Tax Team

Let us add real value to your organisation and ensure that your team will get the necessary support and guidance to address the tax challenges they are facing. We will work with you to assess what will be helpful and appropriate for your organisation and create a collection of suitable training sessions for the benefit of your team.

If you want to talk to our teams, please email or call us on 

03300 414 996 with your enquiry. Alternatively, you can email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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Tax Advisor

Our Recognition

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""The team at rradar were very helpful and helped me understand the process by explaining it in layman's terms.”

Management Liability Holders (MLP)

If you have complimentary access to our Legal Advice Service under the Management Liability Policy ('MLP'), or if you want to report a new claim under MLP insurance, please call the team on 0800 955 6111 or email

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