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AXA and rradar

Services under AXA's Management Liability Policy (MLP).

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Our Unique Solution

rradar is AXA's legal services partner under its Management Liability Policy (MLP).​ Policyholders can benefit from a wide range of proactive services under the policy to manage and support them through any business issues they may face.

With rradar's clear and holistic vision to educate, policyholders can make smarter choices and gain greater control to confidently decrease claims and reduce risk. Having access to rradar's leading legal professionals and business risk management tools can have a significant and positive impact on their organisation.

As part of your AXA MLP or an associated scheme with rradar benefits, you will get access to the following benefits at no extra cost.

Proactive Support
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Legal Advice Line

Phone and email service available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

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Legal and Business Risk Management Tools

Proactively manage business risks with a range of digital tools and solutions.

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Legal and Regulatory Updates

Delivered through a variety of digital platforms including webinars and newsletters.

Claims and Crisis Management
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Out of Hours Crisis Line

Available 24/ 365 in case of emergencies outside of office hours.

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Legally Privileged Advice

Confidential and protected advice and guidance from specialist legal teams.

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Legal Representation

Full UK-wide legal representation should claims or investigations arise.

Legal Advice Line

With rradar's Legal Advice Line, policyholders can receive expert legal advice and support across a wide range of legal sectors. By using rradar's proactive Legal Advice Line, policyholders can address matters that, if left, could potentially lead to a claim being made against them and their business.

The Legal Advice Line is accessible through a dedicated phone and email service available Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

Reduces the amount of claims brought against policyholders.

Improves risk management process.

Effectively communicate and consult with staff.

Avoids costly court cases and employment tribunals.

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Legal and Business
Risk Management Tools

To help businesses manage risk better, rradar has combined legal excellence with the latest technology to develop a range of legal and risk management solutions to offer them a preventative, educational service which allows them to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing environment of regulation, compliance and risk.

As part of the AXA MLP, policyholders have access to the following solutions:

24/7 Access to Specialist Legal Teams

Shield Prevention Icon DG.png

Legally Privileged Advice

247 icon DG.png

Crisis Line Available 24/7 365

Contact-advice DG.png

Legal Representation for Claims and Investigations

Location Pin uk-wide DG.png

UK Wide Coverage

We understand that legal crises can happen anywhere, anytime. That is why we have our Out of Hours Crisis Line for immediate Business Crime and Regulatory support should the unexpected happen outside office hours.

These situations can include:

  • Serious accidents in the workplace

  • Road accidents

  • Unexpected visits from the police, the HSE or other investigating authorities


The Out of Hours Crisis Line puts you in contact with a rradar specialist solicitor for expert support and guidance and is available 24/7 365 days a year including weekends and public holidays. Our team can act swiftly with next step guidance and advice to stabilise the situation and mitigate further action.

Should a situation arise, policyholders also receive full UK-wide legal representation for claims and investigations. The legal advice rradar provides is confidential and legally privileged, meaning that your discussions and the legal advice given are protected from disclosure to others.

For information about rradar's legal services click here.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about rradar’s services under AXA’s Management Liability Policy (MLP) or an associated scheme, please contact a member of our Business Development Team by emailing

More Information
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