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rradar in partnership with UKWA, Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector.

rradar and UKWA partnership

rradar is excited to partner with UKWA, (United Kingdom Warehousing Association), Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector, to design a Risk Analysis solution that will help solve the challenges faced by their members and drive innovation and technology that support their association needs.

rradar’s legal teams and in-house software developers have worked with UKWA to create an exclusive digital and interactive risk management self-audit tool that will help members evaluate their compliance, quality standards and continuous improvements – and aid risk management within their business.

The development of this unique digital solution aims to help members with their company policies, employee practices, Health and Safety regulatory compliance and property. It will also ensure that UKWA membership standards are met and highlight any areas for improvement, providing guidance on the necessary actions to be taken.

The unique insight that UKWA Members will gain through rradar’s capabilities, and our partnership will deliver enormous benefits and help Members reduce the risks associated with the logistics and warehousing industry.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership that continues to review and address the unique challenges and needs of UKWA members.

UKWA Risk Analysis Tool

rradar has designed and delivered in partnership with UKWA, a digital system that enables UKWA 800+ members to measure their performance, check their compliance and manage their business risk.

This system replaces UKWA’s former membership audit with a dynamic, interactive tool that automatically updates as regulations change, to keep them compliant and protect their businesses. It also provides a benchmark for their operation and supports continuous improvement with recommended actions to increase performance.

Critically, satisfactory completion of the Risk Analysis process will trigger access to UKWA’s Conditions of Contract.

More Information

For more information about UKWA memberships Quality Standards Assessment, click here.

Read more about the UKWA Risk Analysis Tool on the UKWA website here.

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UKWA Risk Analysis Tool

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