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Cyber, Data and Information Law

All aspects of data protection and security, GDPR and compliance, electronic communications and marketing, freedom of information and support through regulatory actions.

Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a large multinational company, you will be affected by information protection and cyber security issues.


Organisations are processing more personal data, complying with statutory, legal requirements and dealing with information requests and claims. This is becoming more time consuming and resource intensive.

Our team of specialist solicitors and data practitioners will help you make sense of this complex web of obligations and requirements as a business. 

A proactive approach to cyber security

We will help keep you compliant, by supporting you to implement actionable plans that comply with legislation, whilst providing you with practical help on how to avoid breaches.

To ensure your existing policies and procedures are fit for purpose, we can formally review them, identifying any changes you need to make. This process also helps you to identify future risks, which demonstrates how seriously you protect personal information. 

Because every business is different, you choose from our suite of training, consultation audits and online guidance articles and document templates, to fix the gaps or challenges you are facing.

Our content is written and verified by our data protection practitioners, ​and covers a wide range of outputs including practical tools, training and consultancy services. Together, they can help you to create a culture of cyber and data security in your workforce.  


Urgent support when you need it


If data security and cyber incidents occur, we are there to support, so if you need an urgent response regarding a data breach or privacy claim, our team can quickly react with damage limitation advice to resolve issues as effectively and efficiently as possible.


​We have a notable track record of supporting and representing our clients through claims and/or regulatory authority investigations brought by regulators such as the ICO, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). ​

Speak to our Cyber, Data and Information Law Team

Let us help you navigate these complex areas and provide sound, practical guidance to keep your organisation compliant with legislation which many can find confusing and difficult to correctly respond to whilst running a busy organisation.  

Email or call us on 03300 414 996 with your enquiry. 

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Neil Topham

Legal Manager - Cyber, Data and Information Law


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