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24/7 Emergency Crisis Line

Reassuring 24/7 crisis advice line for you and your business, for situations that need urgent legal advice to protect your position outside our normal office hours

We understand that legal crises can happen anywhere, anytime. That is why we have our Out of Hours Crisis Line for immediate Business Crime and Regulatory support should the unexpected happen outside office hours.

These situations can include:

  • Serious accidents in the workplace

  • Road accidents

  • Unexpected visits from the police, the HSE or other investigating authorities

The Out of Hours Crisis Line puts you in contact with a rradar specialist solicitor for expert support and guidance and is available 24/7 365 days a year including weekends and public holidays. Our team can act swiftly with next step guidance and advice to stabilise the situation and mitigate further action.

Need our support?

Want to find out more about our Crisis Line Services? If you are interested in our Crisis Line Services please contact 03300 414 996 or email


If you are an MLP policyholder and need to contact our Crisis Line due to a BCR related emergency, call 0800 955 6222.

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R Foster, Chief People Officer

"Our case was solid - but a solid case is nothing without the team who pulls it together and delivers it. And that is what we got. The service provided by rradar has surpassed our highest expectations on every level”

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Management Liability Holders (MLP)

If you have complimentary access to our Legal Advice Service under the Management Liability Policy ('MLP'), or if you want to report a new claim under MLP insurance, please call the team on 0800 955 6111 or email

If your situation is an out of office hours emergency, contact our 24/7 emergency crisis line on 0800 955 6222.

More Information

If you would like to know more about this service, contact us on 03300 414 996, or by email at

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