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Insurance and Claims

We support thousands of insured clients, across all industries and sectors, by providing our advisory services, online tools and legal representation under a range of business-related liability insurance policies across the UK. 

Under the policies, our people advise policyholder entities / organisations and the insured individuals through their business concerns, circumstances and claims. We work in partnership with the policyholders, their insurers and brokers, and provide preventative advice, risk management guidance, claims, circumstance and notification support for:

  • Employment Practices and Public Liability: With an average cost of £20,000, EPL claims can be extremely financially damaging as well as draining management resource and potentially harmful to your company's reputation.

  • Company Legal Liability: These claims are made involving the company, either as the sole target or jointly with one or more individuals.

  • Directors and Officers (D&O): Claims that affect you, your fellow directors, officers and even employees who have an unlimited personal liability for decisions and actions made on behalf of your company.


We also specialise in:

  • Warranty and Indemnity 

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Property Damage

  • Cyber Risks


We deliver the specialist expertise and in-depth sector knowledge to ensure regulatory compliance and skilful resolution strategies that help reduce claims in the first place. But should a claim arise, we work hard to attain the best results, with skilful negotiations for settlements that get claims resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Areas of Expertise

rradar’s team of experienced legal and professional experts provides proactive advice directly to policyholders where support is needed outside  a claim scenario.

Advice is provided on a wide range of legal areas including:


  • HR and employment law

  • Business-related crime and regulation

  • Tax

  • Cyber data and information law

  • Contracts

  • Commercial disputes 

  • Corporate governance issues

Support Online

Insured clients can access a range of self-serve online support and guidance that combines our professional legal advice with specialist risk management tools that offer a unique service. These services can help a policyholder organisation not only grow but also reduce the potential of claims being brought against them.

In the event of a claim, our legal team can work under an agreed delegated authority to investigate whether the policy can respond to cover the claim. We will advise and protect the policyholder and the insurer’s position during the investigation into policy cover. Where a claim is covered by a policy, we represent policyholders in the pursuit and defence of disputes and claims.

This ensures end to end service and insured clients benefit from our wealth of legal experience in every case.  Where policy cover is not available, we will provide options to support the client so they always get the best guidance and representation when it is needed the most.

Crisis Support

If an emergency arises, such as a major accident or incident in the workplace or road, or unexpected visit by the police, HSE, other regulator or local authority, we can provide a 24/7 crisis line for policyholders to speak directly to our legal professionals and get advice on how best to work with the investigating authority, stabilise the situation and mitigate any further action. 

All advice provided by our legal team is confidential and legally privileged.

Got a policy with rradar benefits?

If you have access to rradar benefits under your Management Liability Policy or associated scheme, read our page on the AXA MLP for more information on the services available to you.


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Areas of Expertise
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Legal Director - Insurance Services and Strategy


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We pride ourselves in excellence customer service and are committed to providing the best possible legal representation and service. Read more about what our clients have to say about us.


P Cranshaw, Batesons Farm

"I would like to thank rradar very much for all the brilliant help and support during a very difficult time. The advice, updates and guidance was excellent and greatly assisted with my case."

Management Liability Holders (MLP)

If you have complimentary access to our Legal Advice Service under the Management Liability Policy ('MLP'), or if you want to report a new claim under MLP insurance, please call the team on 0800 955 6111 or email

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